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Please view below to see some of the testimonials that were given by some of our clients:


The best lawyer in the area

Posted by Katie
Ken Alpert is extremely intelligent and determined to win his cases. I hired Ken as an attorney to get felony dismissed and he did just that. Not only did he save my criminal background, he stepped in as an attorney for my fiance. Ken Alpert heard I was detained in a local police station and was there at my release to then give me a ride to train station to make sure I got home to Indiana safely. I'd definitely hire him again and recommend him to anyone in need of criminal defense.

Kenneth M. Alpert Esq.

Posted by Roman
Kenneth M. Alpert, Esq.
Mr. Alpert is an experienced and very knowledgeable lawyer. He handled my case in a highly professional, compassionate and caring manner. He was available to ask any question at any time. He was patient, respectful and most important, caring, really caring. I felt his caring from the first minute we met. Having Mr. Alpert as my representative, gave me the feeling that I am in hands of a good friend. That kind of impression may only be made by a humanitarian like Kenneth M. Alpert who has deep feelings and a caring heart. He is a lawyer not just by trade, but his vocation and mission in life is to help those people he represents. His personality is a perfect combination of education and talent! If I, or somebody else in my family, will ever need a lawyer, Kenneth M. Alpert will be the number one and only choice.
With best wishes and deepest thanks to Kenneth M. Alpert for all his help,

Review for Kenneth Alpert

Posted by racketbuster95
I have known and worked with Kenneth for the last five years. Kenneth had represented some family members of mine and did a very thorough and professional job. My family was very pleased with Ken's representation and performance. He is a very good lawyer who represents his clients with the utmost professionalism, respect, competence, and dignity. I would not hesitate to refer and hire Ken again for any future representation. He is a good man.

a stand p guy you can depend on

Posted by Dan
I highly recommend Ken , I received a dui last October and was very upset ., from my first meeting with Ken, I started to feel a sense of relief , he explained all the options , good and bad that I would be looking at and in a way that I could understand and make a informed decision on what to do , he also helped me stop feeling the shame I was feeling and responded to all my calls , I had 3 court dates and he was always on time and spent time explaining to me what was happening . months later when a chronic health issue prevented me from completing my community service he came back to court and helped me get it waived and my case terminated 3 months early . if you need a lawyer who will truly look after your best interest and not just go through the motions and take your money , I strongly recommend Ken

Criminal case - felony charge

Posted by Marian
Mr. Alpert handled my husband's case with care and professionalism. He was so good at trial that our friends and family who were
there to support my husband requested his business card. Due to Mr. Alpert's hard work, my husband was cleared of a felony charge. From the time the charge was made to when the trial took place (which was over a year), Mr. Alpert was in contact and would answer our calls promptly. He was professional and cared about doing the best for his client. I highly recommend him.

Thanks ken

Posted by Luis
Ken alpert represented me in two vops on a aggrv robbery case. The man got me a second chance at life by having everything dropped.the man is persistent. He wont stop fighting for you.


Anonymous review
I am grateful to have Atty. Ken Alpert to represent me in my misdemeanor battery case. He is very knowledgeable & competent about the ins & outs of the court system. He is very patient in explaining the procedures. He is a very well-mannered man & would always make himself available whenever I needs some questions answered in & out of the court. He was able to convince the state prosecutors to dismiss the charges & even helped me expunge my record.

I was extremely satisfied & would highly recommend him.

Thanks Attorney!!!

I would absolutely recommend Kenneth Alpert

Posted by Joan
I would absolutely recommend Mr. Alpert! He left nothing to chance, was extremely organized and knowledgeable, and was always right on top of things. He was always quick to respond if we called him, was prompt to appointments and court appearances, and was totally honest. We felt comfortable working with him and trusted him thoroughly.
It is important to have someone who can explain things when you are going through something difficult, such as a problem with the courts. Mr. Alpert always explained things fully but never in a manner that made us feel talked down to. He was always very respectful.
Mr. Alpert was able to get the case resolved much more quickly than we expected, and I credit that to his above-average abilities. We were very pleased with the outcome.
Finally, Mr. Alpert is just a nice and kind person. He understood what we were going through and tried to help make it as bearable as possible.
He did a wonderful job.

A job well done, thank you Mr. Alpert

Anonymous review
Mr. Alpert did an excelent job in representing our son in his felony charges. He was straight forward, right to the point with outstanding results. After carefully reviewing our case, he explained to us our options and together we chose the best one. Our son received the best possible represantation, a job well done with no life lasting effects. Thanks to Mr. Alpert our son has a second chance in life. We will definitely recommend Kenneth Alpert to anyone in need of an attorney that is knowlegable, sincere and caring.


Posted by Santos
Atty. Ken Alpert did an outstanding job in representing me with my misdemeanor case, all charges were dropped. He's an EXCELLENT lawyer who knows the law and he will fight for you until the end.

One of the Best

Anonymous review
I have only good things to say about attorney Ken Alpert. He is very knowledgeable and has a great presence in the court room. He was always accessible over the phone to answer questions I had about the case. Before your court date he does a great job preparing you for what to expect, and then he follows up afterwards. His experience as a former prosecutor was an added advantage throughout the trial. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer.

Very Professional and Thorough

Anonymous review
Misdemeanor assault and battery case. Had to prove these were false charges. Ken was excellent in gathering the facts and getting the witnesses through the necessary subpoenas. But the best part that made him stand out was the overcoming of the fact that I am completely deaf and do not sign. He was able to get an interpreter who would type the words into the screen that I could read real-time and keep informed of the events going on around me rather than being "left out" as usual. As simple as this sounds, it was not; but Ken was determined to get it for me. My case was dismissed, but I know I would have been found not guilty if we went to trial as planned. He was very prepared and had all the facts. Thanks Ken.

Great lawyer

Posted by Tatyana, a Criminal Defense client
Kenneth Alpert handle my son's criminal case. I'm very thankful. He did a great job very professional, knowledgeable and succeed. I highly recommend him.

A lawyer who really cares

Posted by Ann G., a Criminal Defense client
Ken Alpert has been so concerned and so involved in my son's case. Mr. Alpert calls me prior to and after each court date. His fees are more than reasonable. Phone updates are not a charged part of his service- this is a positive thing. And for me to be able to call and ask a question without getting a bill for a phone call is such a gracious, human thing to do, on Mr. Alpert's part. I would recommend Ken Alpert to anyone who wants a caring, knowledgeable and sincere attorney. He will work hard for you.

thank you Ken!

Posted by Juan C., a Criminal Defense client
Attorney Ken Alpert is a very devoted and a very trust worthy lawyer. He helped me out with several cases that I had pending from years back including warrants and with his great knowledge he took care of all that in a matter of days. Thank you Ken Alpert for your devotion and your great work!!

Domestic Battery Defense

Posted by Jim, a Domestic Violence client
A member of our family was wrongfully charged with domestic battery. Ken and his associate Consuelo Bedoya-Witt did an outstanding job in working with us to investigate, develop strategies, prepare a defense, and go to trial. Ken managed the day-to-day activities of our case. He kept us informed and educated. Every detail was explained to us and all of our questions were answered. Ken also developed and outstanding working relationship with the members of the court which helped during the trial. Our witnesses were well prepared and Ken's questioning of both the State's and our witnesses was very effective in drawing out the truth throughout our bench trial. At the end of the trial the charge was dropped and the Order of Protection was vacated. Our family would recommend Ken without hesitation for any domestic case.

A Thorough and Professional Powerhouse

Posted by Michael Zdanowski, a Criminal Defense client
Kenneth M Alpert is the epitamy of the legal system. He, unlike many other lawyers, is extremely dedicated to each of his cases and shows it in his ability to communicate and facilitate his knowledge on and off the courtroom.
My family's case was ruled in our favor, after an alleged battery case. Normally the prosecutors use the police on their side to gain an upper hand, but Ken flipped that role against them. His quick thinking and in-depth understanding of the case helped my family overcome this low point in our year.
Thank you sir for your time and patience.
So don't let Ken's social and happy demeanor fool you " he is the butterfly that stings like a bee"
Simply love this guy to death

RWH DP Jan2013

Posted by Ron, a Criminal Defense client
Ken did a great job representing my son during what was a very difficult time. He provided us with all of the relevant information regarding the case and on a timely basis. When drawing a correlation to an old saying, "it's not what you know, but who you know," in this case, Ken satisfies both sides of the equation. He knows the law, and he also knows the people that matter, and that's the bottom line in this profession.

If asked if we'd use Ken again, should we go through a similar situation in the future, the answer is a resounding "absolutely YES!!!"

Thanks Ken and keep up the great work.

A Very Knowledgeable, Professional and Personal Attorney

Posted by a Domestic Violence client
I am extremely pleased with the very competent and knowledgeable attorney services that Ken Alpert provided our family. Ken has the best interests of his clients in mind and works diligently on their behalf to represent them. He carefully reviewed our situation and thoroughly described the options available and possible outcomes of each option. He explained the legal process he needed to take to resolve our case. After determining with Ken the option we agreed was best, Ken continually kept us informed of the actions he took on our behalf and the status of our case. Ken truly is a very knowledgeable, professional and personal attorney

Diligent and dependable Lawyer, who works for You

Posted by Angelo, a Car Accident client
In my most resent Court case, Kenneth represented me on a wrongful parking and towing case. He effectively negotiated a compromise with the judge.
I also utilize Kenneth for legal advice on various issues. He will spend the time discussing your concerns and issues, without rushing you, or making you feel unimportant. His rates are fair, I have never felt like I have paid too much. I would highly recommend him.


Posted by STACY, a Criminal Defense client
They allow you 4000 characters for this review and I could double that easily about this attorney. I'm a single mom that got caught up with the wrong people in the wrong place on the wrong day, had one mistake on my record which was a felony and 19 new counts against me...there wasn't really anyway around doing any time and getting taken from my amazing 9 year just for a mistake. And the state wanted exactly that offering only jail time. I was never more scared in my entire life. Ken Alpert came highly recommended to me and this man...he was not only informative every step of the way...he knew it all....he was so knowledgeable and managed to get us in his court house where all his people were with a great female judge that gave second chances...he did all that. I cried on several court dates and he reassured me that he would do absolutely everything in his power to not allow them to take me away for one single day from my daughter. He had a plan A...plan B and even a plan C, he followed through on everything that he said that he would. I can't say enough about him, I'll never need him again because those things will never happen in my life again but I will do everything in my power to make sure that everyone and anyone else that needs a great...an amazing criminal attorney knows about him. He was affordable, he was soft when needed and hard when necessary. He did it...this man got 19 charges down to one and probation for 2 years for me...I couldn't breathe. I was free and my kid will never know and never will what it's like to be without me for a single day...and it's all because of him. If you need an affordable, knowledgeable, knows it all, compassionate, powerful unbelievable criminal attorney that will take every possible action to get you out of whatever it is you've gotten into...call this man. He did it for me...and he can do it for you. Ken Alpert saved my life.

Some Attorney Endorsements:


Zikar Ghaowi, DUI / DWI Attorney in Chicago, IL - 28 days ago

Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
I've known Mr. Albert for almost ten years and originally met him while he worked as an Assistant State's Attorney. Later, I became more familiar with him when became a fellow defense attorney. Mr. Albert is widely respected among the criminal defense practice due to his dedication to providing the best possible outcome for every client matter. I would not hesitate to refer a matter to him.

Howard Wise, DUI / DWI Attorney in Chicago, IL - About 1 month ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I have know Ken since his days in the Cook County State's Attorney's Office. He is a skilled attorney who know his way around the courtroom. Mr. Alpert fights hard for his clients and always gives them the best defense possible. If you want an aggressive defense from a trustworthy attorney then Ken is your man.

Warren Breslin, Criminal Defense Attorney in Schaumburg, IL - About 1 month ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I endorse this lawyer. Ken Alpert is a lawyer's lawyer when advice and direction are sought in a pending case. Skill and experience are needed, and Ken has both.

Steven Fagan, Criminal Defense Attorney in Des Plaines, IL - 5 months ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I first met Ken when he was a prosecutor for the Cook County State's Attorney. Ken impressed me as a thoughtful, intelligent, hard-working prosecutor. He made careful decisions about cases that reflected a clear understanding of both the law and the practical issues that were involved, and when he chose to fight, fought hard. From everything I know about Ken both personally and professionally, that has certainly carried over into his career as a defense attorney. I'm pleased to endorse this lawyer.

Vijay Sharma, DUI / DWI Attorney in Skokie, IL - 5 months ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I have known Kenneth Alpert since I was a law student. During that time I have seen the prosecutor who had an encyclopediac knowledge of the law turn into a veteran attorney who still have the knowledge as well as an unrivaled depth of experience. He is not given, as some attorneys are, to empty bluster. Rather, he was one of the more observant men I have ever met. He takes in a situation, understands what is occurring, then acts swiftly so that he does not waste his client's time or money. I'm still proud to know Mr. Alpert and have come to rely on his sound advice and greater experience in regards to my own practice. I wholeheartedly endorse this attorney.

Martin Lascola, DUI / DWI Attorney in Northfield, IL - 6 months ago

Relationship: Co-worker
I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Alpert was a co-worker of mine in the Cook county State's Attorney's Office and stayed in the Office for much longer than I had. He is extremely experienced and a very able trial lawyer if litigation is required. You would be well served by retaining a seasoned criminal defense attorney like Mr. Alpert. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of anything from a simple traffic offense to the most serious of felony.

Matthew Keenan, Criminal Defense Attorney in Skokie, IL - 6 months ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I first met Ken when he was a prosecutor in Skokie many years ago. He immediately struck me as an unusually smart and fair-minded attorney. Ken was a formidable adversary, but his toughness was blended with healthy doses of common sense and humor. In more recent years, it has been my pleasure to work with him on many cases. He is a hard-hitting and aggressive advocate for his clients, yet he enjoys a high level of respect among prosecutors and judges. I have frequently had him help me out with cases when I was occupied in other courts, always with exceptional results. He is the kind of attorney who talks softly and greatly exceeds expectations, and I can honestly say that he has sometimes achieved results that I am not sure I could have achieved myself. He has done terrific work for my clients over and over again, and I know that he can do a terrific job for you. This is one attorney you can trust without reservation.

Gal Pissetzky, Federal Crime Lawyer in Chicago, IL - 6 months ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I endorse this lawyer.

Richard Albanese, Criminal Defense Attorney in Waukegan, IL - 6 months ago

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
I have known Ken for over a decade and worked side by side with him as a prosecutor. Ken is well respected in the legal community for his intelligence and tenacity. Ken provides personal service and attention to all his clients and is a skilled trial attorney. Ken is a trustworthy attorney who gets results. I endorse this lawyer.

Harold Wallin, DUI / DWI Attorney in Chicago, IL - 6 months ago

Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
I have known Mr. Alpert since he was a Cook County prosecutor, and we were opposing counsel on several matters. He is a very knowledgeable attorney, well-versed in the law, with excellent trial skills and legal know-how. I strongly recommend him.
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