A lot of people accused of crimes do not quite realize how absolutely vital it is for them to hire a private criminal defense lawyer. Here are just a few reasons why any rational person would hire a private lawyer to defend them...

1. Representing yourself is foolish. You can not possibly hope to objectively put forth your case, when you have an emotional and personal stake in the outcome.

2. Private criminal defense attorneys are trained professionals who are comfortable negotiating the most serious of legal issues- including those that could put you in jail for a long time.

3. Although most public defenders are good, quality attorneys, they do not have the time- because of their huge backlog of other cases- to dedicate to your case. You can only spread butter so thin.

4. Private criminal defense attorneys have often been trained in the Prosecutor's Office or the Public Defender's Office and have a really good idea what strategies will be used to prosecute you and how to counter those strategies.

5. Private attorneys often have much easier access to legal resources than the public.

6. When it really counts, you need someone in your corner who has been there before- who can walk you through each step of the process.

7. Private criminal defense attorneys are trained public speakers who use this ability to argue and defend you, even in extremely emotional and tense situations.

8. Private criminal defense attorneys have often developed strong relationships with the courtroom personnel that can make things go much smoother for you.

9. An experienced criminal defense attorney can make a terrible time in your life a lot more bearable and a lot less scary.

10. An experienced private criminal defense attorney can teach you how to be the best defendant possible for your case.

Attorney Kenneth Alpert is a private criminal defense attorney with more than a decade of legal experience. Call him today at (847) 421-6464, and you will come to understand why having an experienced private attorney at your side is the greatest resource you can have when you have been charged with a crime.