A DUI, Traffic or Criminal law client should be able to rely on their lawyer to do several things. However, some clients have unreasonable expectations of their lawyer. Here is a list of a few of them!

The Reasonable Expectations:

1). ANSWER THE PHONE! Everyone knows that lawyers can be pretty busy tending to their various cases and running around to court. A client, however, should be able to reasonably expect that when they call their lawyer, the lawyer will either answer the phone or will have a working voice mail. Further, it is reasonable for a client to expect their lawyer to call them back in a timely manner. That might be the next day or two, but a good lawyer calls his clients back as soon as he reasonably can.

2). LISTEN TO YOU! The attorney/client relationship is one of give and take. A good lawyer listens to his client's concerns and takes them into account before decisions are made. Communication is the key. It is absolutely reasonable for a client to expect that they will be treated with respect and that their ideas and thoughts will be taken into serious consideration as their case goes forward.

3). KEEPING YOU INFORMED! It is reasonable for a client to expect that their attorney will keep them informed as to what is going on in their case. That does not mean every day or even every week for some cases. What that means is that when major events come up, your attorney should be discussing these things with you and not only telling you what is happening, but allowing you to take an active role in making major decisions.

4). BEING A SHERPA! A good lawyer is an experienced guide, helping their clients understand what is going on in court and teaching them how to be a better client. Going to court can be a scary event for the inexperienced and a good lawyer does what he can to smooth the road and take paths that help his clients feel more comfortable with what is going on.

5). BEING HONEST, SOMETIMES BRUTALLY HONEST! A good lawyer will weigh all the evidence in your case and will tell you based on their experience and the facts before them what they think is a good course for you to take. Sometimes that is going to trial. Sometimes that is to plead your case. It is ultimately your decision, but a lawyer should level with you and tell you what they think even if you don't want to hear it or don't want to accept it.

The Unreasonable Expectations...

1). ABRACADABRA, PRESTO CHANGO! Your lawyer is not a magician- he does not have E.S.P. and he does not call on the four winds to work a supernatural outcome for your case. It is completely unreasonable for a client to expect that his attorney is some sort of a magical being who can make things go away. Yes, hard work and experience from the attorney can certainly make the outcome of your case more favorable, but to expect him to work some kind of magic trick for you is unreasonable. Sometimes, the client has screwed themselves so badly by their actions that even the best attorney can not fix the situation.

2). AND THE WINNER IS...! It is unreasonable for a client to expect that their attorney, right from the start, can tell the client with complete certainty what the outcome of the case will be. I have seen some outcomes in the past that have boggled my mind. Some I would consider just and some completely unjust! There are so many factors that go into what the ultimate disposition of a case will be that it is completely impossible for a lawyer to tell their client exactly what is going to happen from jump street!

3). I WANT TO TALK, NOW! Although a lawyer, must keep in communication with their clients on a regular basis; it is unreasonable for a client to think that his attorney should, on an hourly basis, be taking their calls and answering to their every whim. That is the job of a butler or a maid- not a lawyer. Lawyers have families too and it has been reported that they like to sleep once in a while. There are horror stories out there of clients that once they hire their attorney think that every time they have a fleeting thought regarding the case or frankly any random matter, they should call their attorney to talk about it. Everything in moderation! This is especially true for DUI and drug possession clients!

4). YOUR A LAWYER, YOU WILL SAY ANYTHING! It is completely unreasonable to think that because your DUI, Traffic or Criminal Law attorney has talent and gets results, that somehow they are shady and will lie or encourage you to lie to get those results. I tell every client, that I will not put you on the stand if you are going to lie. I operate my law firm with the highest standards of integrity. I will work hard for you! I will fight aggressively for you! And I will do what I can ethically for you! But, I will NOT break the law for you!

5). YOU WORK FOR FREE! No, I don't. It is unreasonable for a client to think that a good lawyer works for free. If you and I make an agreement that I will work for you and you will pay me reasonable fees to do that, then I expect that I will be paid for my services. A plumber does not work for free. A barber does not work for free. I do not work for free. You get what you pay for. If you want an aggressive, experienced and talented attorney you will have to pay for him.

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